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My Father In Law Fell In Love With Casalinga's Food And So Did I

"Started ordering some food for my father in law following a recommendation from a friend. My father in law fell in love with Casalinga's  food and so did I. The chicken and dumplings are to die for, the spare ribs are way better than any bar or restaurant serves, the ribs fall off the bone, and the soups are some of the best soups I have ever had in my life. And the meals delivered are frozen! You can't find frozen meals that taste like this in any grocery stores, these are gourmet and their menu is massive! Everything from soups and fresh salads and sandwiches to fried chicken, stuffed sole fillet with scallops and prawns, amazing seafood lasagnas, butter chicken, macaroni and cheese, thai curry prawns, cabbage rolls, I could go on and on. Their food is so delicious and the owner is so friendly and sincere. They now have two new customers for life, the food is honestly out of this world good."

Dustin C.

Burnaby B.C.